Welcome to Paradise Spring Water

LA County Spring Water Delivery

Paradise Water offers bottled mountain spring water that is 100% natural, great tasting, and locally sourced. This premium California spring water starts out as rainwater and melted snow on Mount Palomar in northern San Diego County. It then undergoes a natural underground filtration process, passing through rock layers that remove impurities and add the minerals that give our spring water its refreshing taste. Finally, it collects in natural aquifers that feed mountain springs, where it is directly sourced and sent to our local plant for bottling. Our spring water meets all FDA regulations, and in most cases surpasses them. We are proud to offer our mountain spring water for home and office delivery throughout Los Angeles County and beyond at the most affordable rates.

With competitive pricing and unparalleled service, Paradise Water is truly Los Angeles County's best choice for bottled spring water delivery. Call today to learn more, or to take advantage of our FREE SPRING WATER* offer for new residential and commercial customers.

Pricing for Spring Water

  • Residential & Commercial Spring Water Bottle Service

    5 Gallon Spring*

    Monthly: $9.95
    Annual Contract: $8.95
    Volume Discount: $7.95
  • 3 Gallon Spring Bottles

    3 Gallon Spring*

    Monthly: $7.95
    Annual Contract: $7.45
    Volume Discount: $6.95
  • ½ Liter Spring Water Bottle

    1/2 Liter Spring*

    Monthly: $12.95 + CRV
    Annual Contract: $11.95 + CRV
    Volume Discount: $10.95 + CRV

(Volume Discount: 10 or more bottles per delivery.)