About Us

Paradise Drinking Water is Los Angeles's most trusted bottled water delivery service for home and office. We make pure, great tasting water convenient and affordable, by delivering the finest bottled drinking water on the market for the most competitive prices in Los Angeles County. Choose from our high-quality selection, including mountain-fresh spring water direct from the source, the best purified water available anywhere, and revolutionary E2 water--alkalized, negatively ionized water scientifically proven to support bodily health (to learn more about this incredible antioxidant water, see our E2 Water page.)

We deliver this premium bottled water directly to homes and offices throughout Los Angeles County and beyond, for less than the cost of store-bought bottled water of the same quality. In addition, our customers benefit from the personalized service of a local company: our friendly, professional delivery drivers will leave your bottles wherever you prefer, and they can even carry them into your office or kitchen and put them on the dispenser for you. For your convenience, we also rent electric coolers for home and office, as well as beautiful porcelain crocks with oak stands.

For more information on any of our services, or to set up bottled water delivery for your home or office, call Paradise Drinking Water today. We're happy to answer any questions you may have, and we offer FREE WATER to all new customers so you can try before you buy. All new residential and commercial water delivery accounts receive 3 FREE BOTTLES, plus first two months FREE COOLER RENTAL.*

Paradise Drinking Water is licensed and regulated by the FDA and the state of California. We are also a proud member of the California Bottled Water Association.