E2 Water: The Only Stable Alkalized Negatively Ionized Drinking Water Available Anywhere

Alkalized Negatively Ionized Drinking WaterParadise Water is proud to carry E2 water, the healthiest drinking water available anywhere in the world. This alkalized, negatively ionized, antioxidant water is scientifically proven to hydrate your body on a cellular level, purify toxic cellular environments, and move your body from an acidic state to an alkaline one. And we make it easy to bring this amazing drinking water into your Los Angeles home or office, with the same affordable, convenient delivery service we provide with our other bottled waters. We even offer FREE E2 WATER* to new residential and commercial customers, so you can try before you buy.

E2 stands for "electron energized": it's water that has been negatively ionized at a pH of 8.0, making it alkaline, and rich in antioxidants (elements that eliminate free radicals). Free radicals are atoms or molecules in your body that are looking to complete their electron configuration, and they do it by stealing electrons from your cells. When the free radicals steal electrons from your cells, they cause harmful chain reactions that are ultimately responsible for cancer and other major illnesses. Because E2 water is negatively ionized and stable, it can supply the missing electrons to the free radicals in your body--purifying and protecting your cellular environment, eliminating free radicals, and keeping you healthy.

You can feel the difference with E2--over time, you'll notice your energy increase and your overall health improve. And you can enjoy these incredible benefits without drastically altering your lifestyle; our convenient, affordable home and office delivery makes it easy to enjoy this revolutionary drinking water. There's a lot of information about E2 water, so don't hesitate to call and ask questions, learn more, and set up a FREE E2 WATER TRIAL. There is no time commitment required to take advantage of this free water offer.*

Call for Alkalized, Negatively Ionized E2 Water Pricing

LA County 5 Gallon Alkalized Bottled Water

5 Gallon E2

  • Acidic to Alkaline
  • Free Radicals to Antioxidant
  • Dehydrated to Hydrated
  • A Toxic Cellular Environment to Purified
  • Lower Vibration to Higher Vibration
  • Unhealthy to Healthy!

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