Paradise Drinking Water - Pasadena, CA's Choice for Quality Bottled Drinking Water

Welcome to Paradise Water, the premier bottled water delivery service for homes and offices in Pasadena. We make pure, delicious water convenient and affordable. Choose from our great selection of 100% natural spring water, purified water, and innovative E2 water--alkalized, negatively ionized water that supports cellular health. Our premium bottled water costs far less than store-bought bottled water of the same quality. In addition, Paradise Water customers benefit from the added convenience of bottled water delivery from professional, courteous drivers, who will bring your bottle of spring, purified, or alkaline water right to your doorstep or into your office or kitchen. Our friendly drivers are reachable by cell phone so you'll always be able to contact them during delivery hours. We also rent electric coolers and beautiful porcelain crocks with oak stands.

At Paradise Drinking Water, all of our employees are passionate about providing helpful customer service to our Pasadena customers. When you call during business hours, you will always reach a friendly representative from our local office who can assist you with all of your bottled water delivery needs. There is absolutely no contract required to begin service, though we offer a discount to customers who commit to a year of service. For more information on any of our services, or to set up bottled water delivery for your Pasadena home or office, call Paradise Water today.

Why Choose Paradise Drinking Water for Your Pasadena, CA Home

Paradise Drinking Water offers Pasadena residents the best value in home bottled water delivery service. We're trusted by thousands of Los Angeles customers because:

  • We offer three types of high-quality water: 100% natural spring water, alkalized negatively ionized E2 water, and purified water.
  • We deliver five gallon, three gallon, and cases of 1/2 liter bottles
  • We only use eco-friendly, recyclable plastic bottles.
  • We rent electric water coolers and non-electric water dispensers at very affordable rates.
  • We have reliable drivers who can be counted on to deliver your water bottles every four weeks.

Pasadena residential are encouraged to try our water for themselves. New customers can enjoy 3 FREE 5-GALLON BOTTLES and 2 FREE MONTHS' COOLER RENTAL.* Call today!

Paradise Drinking Water, Pasadena, CA's Choice for Bottled Water Office Delivery Service

Paradise Drinking Water is Pasadena's top provider of cost-effective, quality office bottled water delivery. We offer a great selection of superior bottled drinking water. Choose from 100% natural spring water, purified water, and negative ionized alkaline water, available in five gallon, three gallon, and 1/2 liter bottles. Our water deliveries take place every four weeks, and we promptly accommodate special requests for additional water.

We make every effort to provide exceptional customer service, which is why we are trusted by hundreds of businesses. We serve corporate offices, doctor's offices, government agencies, port authorities, and more. If you wish to start having water delivered to your Pasadena business, call Paradise Drinking Water today. We offer new Pasadena customers three bottles of water plus two months' cooler rental for FREE!*

Affordable Spring Water Delivery, Pasadena, CA

Paradise Drinking Water delivers our great-tasting, mountain-fresh bottled spring water directly to your Pasadena home or business. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose our spring water:

  • It's 100% natural.
  • It meets all regulations set by the FDA.
  • It has a delicious, mineral-rich taste.
  • It can be delivered in Prompt, reliable delivery.
  • It's available in 5-gallon, 3-gallon, and half-liter bottles.
  • It is affordably priced!

Try our spring water today. We offer no-contract plans as well as special discounts for "high volume" customers and annual contract customers. New Pasadena clients can also enjoy their first three bottles of water on us!* Click here to sign up or call for details.

Purified Water Delivery Service Pasadena, CA

We deliver the highest quality purified water in Southern California directly to your Pasadena home or business at very affordable prices. This great-tasting drinking water is purified down to five parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids using our state of the art purification system. We conveniently deliver our purified water in cases of ½-liter bottles, 3-gallon bottles, and 5-gallon bottles.

Alkalized Drinking Water, Pasadena, CA

For our customers seeking the ultimate health and hydration, we now offer alkalized negatively ionized water for direct delivery to homes and businesses in and around Pasadena. Our E2 antioxidant water dramatically hydrates, helps to purify your body, and removes free radicals. With a pH of 8.0, this is the healthiest antioxidant water on the market today. Call us today for pricing and to start enjoying the benefits of our E2 alkaline water.

Great Offers on Bottled Water Delivery, Pasadena, CA

We're so confident in the purity of our bottled water products that we invite our new Pasadena customers to try our refreshing, great-tasting drinking water for themselves! All new water delivery customers can receive 3 FREE 5-GALLON WATER BOTTLES, plus a FREE TWO-MONTH COOLER RENTAL.* Paradise Drinking Water also offers volume discounts to all high-volume customers and to those who sign an annual contract. For more information on any of our services, or to set up bottled water delivery for your Pasadena home or office, call Paradise Drinking Water today. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

* Disclaimer: Special offers are only available to new customers. New service is subject to credit approval and a service agreement may be required. The customer assumes responsibility for any applicable sales tax, CRV charges, and delivery fees. Refundable deposit may be required for bottles and rental equipment.Mountain Valley Company reserves the right to change pricing, terms, and conditions without notice.

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