Purified Water

LA County Purified Water BottlesParadise Water offers Los Angeles County the cleanest, best tasting filtered water available on the market, delivered right to your home or office at very competitive rates. Our state-of-the-art filtration system produces drinking water that is as close to pure H2O as possible--which means it tastes better, makes you feel better, and is better for you. Common tap water contains contaminants such as chlorine, nitrates, microorganisms, and occasionally even harsh or toxic elements like pesticides or lead. The contaminant level of tap water and other waters can be indicated by a measurement of total dissolved solids, or TDS. Tap water has TDS between 400 and 600 parts per million (ppm). Home filters have limited ability to remove contaminants and significantly reduce TDS. Even commercial filtration systems can fall short in terms of removing the most contaminants possible; different types of filters remove different types of contaminants, and so a rigorous, comprehensive filtration process is required in order to truly purify drinking water.

Our purified water is the product of just such a rigorous filtration process, second to none in the industry. We filter our water down to 5 ppm TDS, meaning the purified water we bottle and deliver to you is made up of almost 100% H2O molecules, and very little else. You can taste the difference; our purified water delivery customers drink more water, enjoy their coffee and tea more, and even notice their pets showing a preference for Paradise's purified water. In addition, our bottled water delivery service is the most economical option for purified water of this quality; you would have to spend thousands of dollars on a home system to yield results like ours, not to mention the additional cost and hassle of replacing filters and making repairs.

Call today to learn more, or to take advantage of our FREE PURIFIED WATER OFFER* for new residential and commercial customers. Once you try our water and see our prices, you'll know why Paradise Water is Los Angeles County's best value for purified bottled water delivery.

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