Paradise Drinking Water, Providing Reliable & Affordable Bottled Water Delivery to Santa Monica, CA's Homes & Offices

Paradise Drinking Water is trusted to deliver quality spring, purified, and alkaline ionized bottled water to residential and commercial clients throughout Santa Monica. We provide our customers with a convenient and affordable way to keep great-tasting, crystal clear water readily available for their families, customers, and employees.

Santa Monica residents can choose from:

  • Mountain spring water - water collected directly from natural aquifers; full of healthy minerals
  • E2 water - water that has been negatively ionized and made more alkaline; proven to help purify toxic cellular environments, improve hydration, and remove free radicals
  • Purified water - water in its purest state, made up of nearly 100% H2O molecules; purified using state-of-the-art filtration systems

All of our bottled water products meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and are competitively priced. By working with our knowledgeable representatives, we can help you determine how much water you consume and set up a regular delivery schedule that meets your needs. We can also supply you with a water dispenser or electric water cooler at a low monthly rate.

Call now to speak with a live representative and ask to experience our water delivery service today. All new customers are welcome to enjoy three FREE water bottles on us -- with no service commitment. Plus, if you need to rent a water cooler, we'll provide your first two months of rental service for FREE!*

Spring, Purified & Alkaline Water Delivery for Santa Monica Homes

Paradise Drinking Water provides reliable, convenient, and affordable bottled water delivery services to all of Los Angeles County, including Santa Monica and surrounding areas. We can deliver our high-quality drinking water to homes, townhouses, apartments, and residential communities anywhere in Santa Monica, from those near downtown Santa Monica and the civic center to those on the outskirts of Santa Monica, closer to North Hollywood or the Verdugo Mountains.

Spring, Purified & Alkaline Water Delivery for Santa Monica Businesses

We also provide our cost-effective water delivery services to a wide variety of offices throughout Santa Monica. Our clients, many of whom work for Santa Monica's media, entertainment, telecommunications, health care, or Internet/software industries, tell us that their employees and visitors really appreciate the taste and quality of our water. If your Santa Monica business is looking to install a water disperser or cooler in its waiting area, conference room, or lunch room, and receive dependable water delivery service at an economical price, call Paradise Water today. New commercial clients are entitled to three FREE Paradise Water 5-gallon bottles just for trying our service.*

Bottled Spring Water, Santa Monica, CA

Paradise Water bottles mountain-fresh spring water from Mount Palomar in San Diego and delivers it to homes and offices throughout Santa Monica. Our spring water is all natural, and filled with natural minerals that promote general health. Our customers praise its distinctive, delicious taste. As with all of our water products, we meet and often exceed all FDA bottled water regulations.

Choose from:

  • 3-Gallon Bottled Spring Water (Cost per month: $6.95 - $7.95)
  • 5-Gallon Bottled Spring Water (Cost per month: $7.95 - $9.95)
  • Cases of 24 Half-Liter Bottled Spring Water (Cost per month: $10.95-12.95 per month+CRV)

Bottled Purified Water, Santa Monica, CA

Our Santa Monica customers love the taste and price of our purified water. When it comes to water purification, no one does it better than Paradise Drinking Water. We use a state-of-the-art filtration process that dramatically reduces the presence of contaminants. Our purified water consistently measures 5 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids), much less than tap water, which averages 400 to 600 ppm TDS. Call us today to learn more and to obtain pricing.

E2 Water: Bottled Negatively Ionized, Alkalized Water, Santa Monica, CA

Recharge your body with Paradise Water's E2 water. The name of this water refers to the fact that this water is electron energized. By negatively ionizing this water, we make it more alkaline (pH 8.0) and antioxidant rich. By drinking E2 negatively ionized, alkalized water on a consistent basis, our Santa Monica customers have noticed their energy and overall health improve over time. Our E2 water is available in 5-gallon bottles; call for pricing.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles & Affordable Water Coolers, Santa Monica, CA

Paradise's drinking water is packaged in eco-friendly bottles that are reusable and recyclable. These bottles fit most water coolers, but we can also supply you with a water dispenser as well. We rent electric coolers as well as non-electric water dispensers to our Santa Monica customers. Electric water coolers can produce cold and room temp water, or cold and hot water. Our water dispensers are made out of porcelain, and can fit nicely on a countertop or be rented with an elegant oak stand. All of our coolers and porcelain crocks are economically priced; however, if customers pay for a one-year cooler rental in advance, we'll discount our already low prices.

Call Today for Santa Monica, CA's Best Value in Water Delivery Service

We feel that our bottled water and delivery service is a smart investment for your Santa Monica home or business: We offer exceptional customer service, the highest quality water, and affordable rates. All of our water products meet and often exceed FDA regulations for drinking water, including processing, sanitation, purification, bottling/manufacturing, identification, and quality.

There is no contract required for our home or office water delivery services, but we do offer special discounted rates for prepaid accounts and annual commitments. Sign up now and receive your first three bottles of water on us. We will even waive your first two month's rental fee.* To learn more, call to speak with a live representative today.

*Special offer available to new customers only. New service subject to credit approval. A service agreement may be required. Customer is responsible for any delivery fees, applicable sales tax, and CRV charge. Refundable bottle deposit required. A deposit on rental equipment may be required. An additional sales tax will be added to all cooler rental plans. Regular cooler rental pricing is billed on a quarterly basis. Mountain Valley Company reserves the right to change its pricing, terms, and conditions without notice.

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